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Job Searching Tips

Searching for a job? Here are the Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs Today

There are so many jobs out there. But have you ever wondered what the most in-demand jobs are? By in-demand, it means, there are many companies looking for staff to fill these positions and in the same manner, there are also numerous applicants for these positions.

There are surveys conducted to know which among the many jobs are in-demand. The results are amazing and so far, the following are on the top 10 list:

1. Registered nurses. This job is in-demand in most parts of the world. Nurses have been considered as quite low-demand job before but in the recent years, the demand for this job has surged. Countries like United States, UK, and Australia are in constant search for nurses.

2. Teachers. The whole world values education, thus, teachers are always in demand. With regards to teachers, special education teachers have higher edge over regular teachers. There is just high demand but little supply for special ed teachers.

3. Physicians and Surgeons. Just like nurses, the need for healthcare jobs like physicians and surgeons continue to surge. Other countries are even willing to sponsor foreign physicians and surgeons just to work for them.

4. General Managers. Because there are more and more companies established everyday worldwide, there is a greater need for general managers. After all, who would manage these companies and businesses but the managers?

5. Accountants. Accountants play a vital role in company’s finances. In every company, there is always an accountant and sometimes a team of qualified accountants especially for large corporations. So in the coming years, there will still be a need for accountants.

6. Computer Engineers and Software Administrators. Computers are widely used now for almost all types of business transactions. There will always be a need for a computer expert to manage computers and software.

7. Sales Representatives and Customer Service Support. For businesses to stay alive on the industry, they need to make sales. This is how important sales jobs are. Customer Support is part of any business as well, since it maintains customers’ loyalty to the business.

8. Lawyers. As long as people strive to live in a just society, there will always be a need for legal jobs.

9. Police. This department is always in need of new recruits. There will always be a room for one more in the police department. So those who are taking up criminology will always have the chance to land in a job.

10. Trades. Trades job like electrician, welder, fitter, plumber and the likes are always in demand as well.
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