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Monday, December 19, 2011

Make A Successful Yuletide Get Together

Don't be afraid to keep things new and fresh when it comes to your holiday gathering.

That's the advice from Calgary party planner Sharon Berwick, who suggests looking for new locations to keep things fun for your guests.

"We do a lot of art galleries, that's been done but if you haven't done that before that's a great idea," says Berwick.

People are doing anything and everything from the holiday season as they strive for more ways to keep things old fashioned.

"Skating parties are really fun where you can rent a skating rink and do an old-fashioned party," she says. "Especially when you're working with children."

Themes are also a great way to get people interactive and getting your guests out of their comfort zone.

"There's some really great acts and people come out and serve you the food," she says. "Then you pretend to spill on someone whose part of a cast, they get onto the stage and are the show."

The party planner says she's also seen parties where artists paint to music upside down, spin it around and it's suddenly Einstein.

Berwick adds, she's noticed that there's been a return to the basics this year.

"CEO's are doing small family parties and are inviting their key employees in a small office," she says.

"People are conscious of their money and optics are important because they have to worry about what their shareholders will see."
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