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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Women's Sex Fantasies Revealed

Women are often too ashamed to admit to their sex fantasies. Fantasies help to spice up any relationship. Intimacy is expressed with various acts of fantasies. Women are daydreamers and bring two loving people together. A fantasy isn't just about sex it is about the intimacy between two people. This article is to let men know women are ashamed to admit the truth of their fantasies. I am here to let women know as well not to be afraid to speak out on their fantasies. Men would be surprised to read this article and to know us women are not against the fantasies they would want us to take part in.

These are just a few of women's fantasies that we are afraid and ashamed to speak of. Give these a try, you won't be disappointed.

Sex Fantasy #1: Role playing is a fantasy most women are too bashful to speak of. The act of role playing allows couples to be someone else for a while. The types of role playing can be teacher and student, cops and robberies. The rules of role playing are unlimited to those who want to explore the worlds of this sex fantasy.

Sex Fantasy #2: Homemade porn isn't very common among couples. What women don't want their spouse to know is that find it exciting to take part in porn with them. The homemade porn can be kept locked away for privacy issues.

Sex Fantasy #3: Toys are often used to enhance the intimacy of a relationship. Most women are afraid to use sex toys because they fear it will give more pleasure than their spouse can. Toys can be purchased just about anywhere. Vibrators can bring two people together even closer than before.

Sex Fantasy #4: The outdoors is an intense experience for all women to take part in. The outdoors is often a great sex fantasy to experience. A sex fantasy in the hot tub is an experience no one should go without trying at least once in their life time.

Sex Fantasy #5: A threesome has been a fantasy of a man's for centuries. As woman it has been a curiosity of ours but has been afraid to participate in such an act. Women do not want to admit, they want to participate in such an act. A woman cannot deny the fact they are curious what it would be like to experience a threesome.

Sex Fantasy #6: Food is a great source to spice up the bedroom play. The exploration of food in a sex fantasy is something everyone should explore at least once. The types of food that is great...continue reading here.


Daniel said...

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Women Sex Toys said...

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