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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hair Rebonding Procedure Treatment

If you suffer from short, frizzy, and lackluster hair, all hope is not lost in achieving the look you desire for your tresses. More women are looking to hair rebonding as an answer to problems of dull, unmanageable hair. However, before you consider rebonding as an option, you need to understand exactly what the treatment entails.

    The Process

  1. The rebonding process starts with the application of a cream softener or relaxant designed to break down the normal structure of your hair. This is followed by the application of keratin lotion and neutralizer which restructures your hair and makes it straight. The effects of rebonding last from 6 to 12 months, and is one of the more expensive hair straightening treatments. After the procedure, you are told not to wash your hair for three to four days, or use any hair accessories to bind it.

    Rebonding is a harsh treatment for hair because of the chemicals that make it work. Consequently, it is crucial to look after your rebonded hair since it's especially weak and fragile at this stage, and even a simple action like brushing can cause damage.
  2. How to Care for Rebonded Hair

  3. Hair that has undergone rebonding should never be subject to hot water or even a warm water wash. Use only cold water on your hair. In addition, do not use heated flat irons and curling irons. In addition, avoid using a hair dryer. If you have to blow dry your hair do it on the cold air setting.

    Conditioners are like life-giving nectar for your hair. Condition your hair generously and regularly, and use a leave in conditioner. In addition, occasionally use a clarifying shampoo that will clear out any residual products in your hair.

    Finally, forget about subjecting your hair to any other chemical treatment for at least six months after your rebonding treatment.. However tempted you might be, think about the further damage that additional chemicals can do to your hair.
  4. Recovering from a Rebonding Disaster

  5. In the unfortunate event that your rebonding experience goes wrong go back to the salon that gave you the rebonding treatment and ask them to take the necessary steps to repair the damage. If it can't be fixed get a haircut. Oil your hair regularly, and follow it up with steaming with a hot towel dipped in water wrapped around your hair.

    To prevent any further damage protect your hair with a scarf or leave in conditioner. Every fifteen days or so, get a deep conditioning treatment. With a little bit of patience and time, your hair will recover. Thanks to eHow.

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