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Saturday, July 31, 2010

What do Aliens Look Like?

Aliens are the extraterrestrial beings believed to exist. Some give accounts of having seen them visit our world. Then, what do aliens look like? Want to know? The read on…
What do Aliens Look Like?

Aliens have always aroused the interest for many. With new discoveries in astronomy, man has been able to explore the extraterrestrial world and examine the chances of the existence of aliens. On one hand, the existence of extraterrestrial life is considered hypothetical while on the other hand, aliens have been sighted on a few occasions. There have been news about the aliens visiting Earth; there have been some people claiming to have seen the aliens. The concept of ‘aliens’ remains alien!

The sightings of aliens have brought about descriptions of their appearance. What they look like, has been a question in the minds of one and all and news have many a time answered it by giving accounts of people witnessing aliens. We know of films and television shows, which have depicted aliens as being humanoid in appearance. Many renowned poets have written about aliens as a life form beyond this world. Fiction has portrayed aliens as being intruders and unfriendly beings. In general the popular culture has depicted aliens as having some strange and mystic powers. These portrayals have largely influenced common man's ideas about how aliens look.

What do Aliens Look Like?
Aliens are largely described as resembling human beings. Their height is approximately same as the average height of human beings. Like any normal human beings, aliens have a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth, a pair of arms and a pair of feet. There are citations of aliens having wings or wheels instead of feet and other such abnormalities. It is believed that aliens have a rough lizard-like skin. Their skin colors are believed to vary from gray, white, tan to gold, pink or red. Their skin is believed to glow in the dark. Their eyes are considered to resemble those of humans, lizards or insects. Some have documented aliens as having webbed fingers while others believe that aliens have suction cups for fingertips or claws. Aliens have been documented as being variedly sized and shaped. Some have documented them as 3 inches tall while others say that they are about 15 feet tall. In some places aliens have been documented as being shaped like balls of light, while in other places they have been shown as resembling robots or metal objects. Some believe that aliens look like animals or large insects while some think of aliens as human-like figures clothed in uniforms. Many believe that aliens can float through walls.

There have been accounts of aliens abducting human beings. People have claimed to have been kidnapped by the aliens and been taken away from the terrestrial surroundings. Interestingly, most people who have claimed to have seen aliens or been abducted by them, were able to recall their experiences only though dreams or hypnosis.

Aliens have been believed to travel in flying saucers or spacecrafts, which are closely related to what are called UFOs or Unidentified Objects. People in different parts of the world have reported to have seen UFOs and have considered them as being vehicles carrying the aliens. Different organizations around the world have investigated these incidents but have not been able to derive an exact conclusion about the existence and appearance of the aliens. ‘What do aliens look like’, is still a mystery. Perhaps we will have to wait till the aliens visit Earth, to know how they look!

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