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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hair Rebonding Technique & Tips

If you were to ask any woman on the streets, chances are that you will learn that most women desire for beautiful hair and this is where hair rebonding can help turn that desire into a reality! Rebonding of hair is a type of hair treatment which can help change the way you feel and look. Now, before you fix an appointment for hair rebonding with your hair stylist, you will first need to find out as much information about it as possible. By being knowledgeable and prepared for this hair treatment process, you can ensure that you receive the best service and care for your hair rebond.

What is Hair Rebonding?

This is a hair treatment process in which the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, rearrange and then permanently bonded backwards using some really powerful chemicals. Prices for this hair bonding treatment can vary across different hair salons due to the type of products used, your hair type, service provided as well as post treatment care. Once your hair has been straightened out, you will have to touch up on the new growth every 6 months to a year, depending on your hair growth.

Hair Rebonding Procedure & Tips

The time taken to complete a hair rebonding treatment will ultimately depend on the type, length and thickness of your hair. In general, hair till mid back can take roughly 8 hours or more to be rebounded. A man's hair may require only 3 hours. Here's the step by step approach to rebonding your hair.

Hair must first be washed using a mild shampoo with no conditioner being applied. Next, you can have to use a blow dryer to dry your wet hair completely.
Hair is then separated into parts, with the cream softener applied to every hair shaft thus keeping it straight.
Depending on the person's hair type, cream softener or relaxant will be kept on the hair for at least half an hour or more. Do note that keeping it for too long can possibly harm the hair. After this is done, the individual's hair is then steamed for roughly 30-40 minutes, depending upon hair type and condition, and then rinsed.
Hair is blow dried and following this, keratin lotion is applied.
A flat iron will be used to straighten hair further and break any remaining curls. The iron should not exceed 180 degrees. A ceramic iron is better than other metal irons. The hair stylish will iron your hair until it is satisfactorily straight and shiny.
Hair is again parted and a neutraliser is applied to set the bonds and stabilise the hair.
The neutraliser is kept on for at least 20 minutes, and then rinsed off with cold water.
Finally, hair is blow dried and a type of hair serum will be applied. Hair appears silky straight and shiny.

In general, you are advised to not wash your hair for at least 3 days. This is necessary so that the treatment can set in fully. In addition, you should not clip your hair, tie a rubber band or wear any other accessories in your hair. But you are allowed to wear a shower cap while bathing in order to prevent your hair from getting wet.

Hair Rebonding Side Effects

Excessive use of chemicals in hair rebonding products will lead to hair becoming dry, weak and eventually falling off. Hair rebonding requires post treatment care otherwise it may turn harmful. If you are suffering from hair loss, you must avoid rebonding or any other chemical hair treatment at all costs. Also, hair rebonding can become disastrous if you use cheap chemicals or approach inexperienced hair stylists. Always remember this, once your hair is rebounded, you must pamper your hair more.


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