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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Thesis Project Better

Thesis project is a kind of a paper that gives you an opportunity to assert
yourself as a personality and a young researcher. In order to use this
opportunity, you should know how to make your thesis unique and

Do not allow your reader to get bored.

Try to be interesting. Your thesis committee would definitely like to see an absolutely
new vision of the problem in your thesis project. It is better to attract the
reader’s attention by making a catchy title of your thesis project;

Use details and examples of your personal experience.
A good thesis project is the one based on personal research conducted.
So, conduct several interviews to explain how your conversation with the experts or
witnesses influenced your vision of the problem under consideration;

Be brief. Diffusion always affects badly. Too long sentences in
your thesis project can confuse your reader, giving him/her no
opportunity to understand what you mean.
Short sentences are easier to perceive, they are more exact, since related only
to the topic of your thesis project;

Avoid repetition.

Use links.
Remember that a good link between the sentences of your thesis project results
from the natural emergence of your thoughts. Do not misuse the repetitions in
the text of your thesis project as well;

Use Active voice. Exceeding use of Passive voice makes your narration blush and arid;
Follow your thoughts.
It is important for your sentences to convey one idea.
Keep it in your mind; Check and proofread.
It is the first step to improve your thesis project.
Cut all odd sentences and make your thesis project perfect.
Follow the tips presented, and you will certainly make your thesis project better.

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