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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your New Year Trivia

One of the oldest and most exciting customs around the world is celebrating New Year. New Year is celebrated in a variety of ways in various countries. One can hear the church bells ringing, people singing, dancing and having lots of fun on this festive day.The New Year is a festive season that marks the beginning of the year. The New Year is a prefect time for a new start of making certain promises and taking resolutions.The New Year trivia is a time when people take certain resolutions that they swear to follow throughout the year. People wait to welcome the New Year with joy and excitement is in the air on New Year. Various countries have their own beliefs of what the new year holds in store for them.

The new year in United States is celebrated on Jan 1st by throwing parties on the night of December 31st. the new year trivia is sure to catch the mood of the people in an exciting manner. The Chinese celebrate New Year between January 17thand February 19th. This is at the time of the new moon. The New Year trivia is a perfect time for feasting and celebrations. The Chinese call this time of feasting and celebrations as Yuan Tan. The most famous decorations used by the Chinese for the New Year are the lanterns. One can see the lanterns glittering bright in the streets.The people in china believe that there are evil spirits that roam the earth. So on New Year they burn crackers to scare the evil spirits. The doors and windows of every home in china can be seen sealed with paper. This is to keep the evil demons out.

The New Year in Scotland is called Hogmanay. The people in Scotland follow a ritual that has a great significance. One can find barrels of tar set afire and gradually rolled down the streets in the villages of Scotland. This ritual symbolizes that the old year is burned up and New Year is going to begin.The New Year trivia is sure to make the celebration of New Year fun and enjoyable. New year is simply the perfect time to take resolutions and make for a fun-filled day. So enjoy the New Year and have a blast.

New Year Trivia Quiz
•Question:Jan. 1 is New Year's Day in which calendar ?
Answer :Gregorian Calendar

•Question:When was the first new year holiday observed?
Answer :In Ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago

•Question: New Year's is celebrated in which month by practioners of Tibetan Buddhism ?
Answer :February

•Question:The first New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square happened in which year?
Answer :1907

•Question:The date of Chinese New Year is determined by which calendar?
Answer :Lunar Calendar

•Question:What is Jewish New Year called?
Answer :Rosh

Courtesy of 123NewYear
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