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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top Five Facts About Kate Middleton


In case you live in a cave, Prince William just finally got engaged to Kate Middleton, his girlfriend for the last 8 years. Inevitably compared to her Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton has some big shoes to fill. But, for this 'commoner', I think she's got the stuff to do just fine. The royal wedding is rumored to be Spring or Summer 2011. Whenever it is, I hope the public allows them to live their lives in a more private manner than poor Diana did.

1. Her Real Name Is Catharine Middleton

Interestingly, her friends and family call her Catharine. It was the English public who dubbed her 'Kate." After the royal wedding, she will take the name Princess Catharine and join the ranks of 5 other former Prince Catharines in the royal family heritage.

2. Kate Middleton Loves Sports

One of the things that attracted Prince William to his future bride was her love of sports. As handy with a rifle as with a tennis racket, this leggy brunette beauty is sure to win the hearts of sports fans. Kate Middleton is also an exercise enthusiast and it shows (I hate her...).

3. Kate Middleton and Prince William Shared a House During Their College Years

During their college years at St. Andrews University in Scotland, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a house with 2 other roommates. Kate was dating someone else at the time so although they 'live together', it was, supposedly, plutonic. I'm not sure how one gets to share a house with a royal - I sure know my college roommates were commoners....

4. Kate Middleton's Parents Own Their Own Business

Kate Middleton's dad was an airline pilot, her mother was a flight attendant. Together, they own a business called Party Pieces which supplies party supplies through mail order.

5. Kate Middleton Is Related to George Washington

Although England considers her a commoner, to an American, she's our 'royalty.' Family ties can place Kate Middleton as the 8th cousin of eight times removed to George Washington (but, then again, I probably am too...).

By: ListMaker

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