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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Improve Wi-Fi Reception


Last June 2005 the record for the longest WiFi connection was set at 125 miles. While this distance is probably beyond your needs, here are some quick tips to maximize your signal strength and minimize interference with a little wireless feng shui.

  1. Put large furniture along the exterior walls of your home.
  1. Minimize mirrors. All metallic surfaces reflect WiFi signals, including the thin metal layer found in most mirrors.
  1. Place your router in one of the following locations:
    • Near the center of the house
    • Off the floor, ideally on a high shelf
    • As far as possible from your neighbor's Wi-Fi router (which, of course, you've made sure is using a different channel)
    • Away from cordless phones and microwaves, which operate on the same 2.4-Ghz frequency.(There are some cordless phones that are Wi-Fi friendly)
    • Keep antennas as far away from power cords and other computer wires as possible. Those cords and wires can interfere with radio reception.

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