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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

11 Tips for Feeling Happier at Work

Let's face it: work is rarely a happy thing, especially when you’re trapped within the confinements of a watchful office space or undergoing a marathon of 14 hour OTs. Whichever kind of unpleasant scenario you find yourself in, here are 11 tips to help you tackle it.

11. Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday
A famous inspiring saying, so be inspired by it. Procrastination is never a good thing, typically so when you are handed a piece of undesirable work – such as calling back a difficult client. In such cases, it’s always better to tackle them quickly or they might never get done.

10. Know your lunch time
There are times when you are overloaded with work and it becomes practically impossible to go for lunch, but it doesn’t benefit you in terms of concentration and workrate either, by starving yourself. Make sure you have some cookies or sandwiches stored up in dire times like these. You can always eat and do work at the same time, during lunch time.

9. Take short breaks
CEO or Pantry Staff? Doesn’t matter, everybody needs a break. In fact, we need more than one, as studies show that taking a short break of 5-10 minutes every 60-90 minutes can help in improving overall work performance. Just don’t get caught talking to your spouse over the phone.

8. Have lunch with someone other than your colleagues
As much as you love your colleagues, it can be bothersome and incredibly mundane to see them all the time, even during lunch. Try to arrange for a lunch date with a friend once a week. Make sure you don’t lunch too near, so you can gossip to your heart’s content.

7. Post pictures of family
If your cubicle and workspace allows, feel free to pin up family photos or pictures with your loved ones. Taking a nice glimpse or simply getting reminded of them can recharge you in wondrous ways.

6. Don’t be too accommodating
It’s a fact; rejection is a tough task, even more so for Singaporeans. When politely asked by colleagues to help out at a task, it’s hard to say no. Well then, don’t say no. An equally polite “I’ll check back with you” or “Let me get back to you once I’m done with on-hand tasks” works much better because you’re not rejecting anyone… nor are you promising anything. Whether you actually get back, is your prerogative.

5. Have snacks or drinks lying around
Not the wisest of choice for those who are overly concerned with their weight or dietary intake, but for most of us, a little “distraction” can help to sooth our mood. Having snacks around also help in productive use of breaks. Just ensure you don’t end up eating more than you should.

4. Clear your workspace once in awhile
Ever had that feeling where you feel refreshed and recharged after a maternity leave or holiday? Well it could really be the holiday, or it could be your clean and tidy workspace that you bothered to clear up before your leave. Regardless, cleaning up your workspace occasionally brings about a comfort and satisfaction that usually translates to good work and consequently, better work performance.

3. Have breakfast with your colleagues
If you the type to arrive at work early, why not take the time to have breakfast with your fellow early birds? Doing so gives you a great opportunity to interact and relax at your own pace before starting work, and that can set the mood for the whole day.
2. Knock off on time
Self-explanatory. It would be a little frightening if you don’t actually enjoy doing this. Technically, this makes you feel happier after work, and not less so during it, but knowing you can knock off on time is a great boost for the day, whenever you think about it.

1. Be ignorant of things that don't concern you
If it doesn’t concern you, the less you know the better. Doing so keeps your mind focused on what is important, and free yourself of unnecessary considerations or accommodations.

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