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Friday, June 25, 2010

How to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

Ideally, every women should be happy and comfortable with the body they have. Unfortunately, most women are not. If you are unhappy with your breasts, and want to make them appear larger, continue to read.


1. Practice good posture. Hold your head high, shoulders back, chest out and standing tall.

2. Try new undergarments. Have a professional bra fitting to find the proper size to wear.

* Push-up bras may or may not create cleavage.
* Padded bras or bra inserts add fullness. Discreetly check the position of your inserts
throughout the day. If they fall out, don't rely on them anymore.
* A gel, air or water bra may add fullness and create cleavage. They appear more natural
and are very comfortable.
* Tighten your bra straps to lift your breasts.
* Try a convertible bra. Cross the bra straps, at the back of the bra, to lift your breasts.

3. Choose tops carefully.

* Look for a ruffled neckline. Add lace to a scooped neckline.
* Try a lacy camisole or fitted blouse with a v-neck.
* Look for a top or dress with a gathered bustline and empire waistline.
* Shoulder pads, breast pockets and wide lapels give the illusion of large breasts.

4. Choose swimsuits carefully.

* Look for padding and underwire.
* Triangular bikini tops will create cleavage.

5. Use makeup techniques.

* Try a shadow effect with a self tanner, bronzer or foundation. Visit wikihow

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