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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tips for Smooth Skin

Get that charming look and glow on your face by taking very little care of your skin. You too can spread your charisma of beauty with the smooth and clean face. External beauty is the result of internal healthiness and hence, a very good and balanced diet is very important for glowing skin. Take plenty of water and other juices made of vegetables and fruit. Intake of at least 2lts of water is must as; it hydrates the body and detoxifies the system leaving a healthy and young skin.

Consume a balanced diet and take vitamin A and E for smooth skin. You can also supplements it by taking break up capsules, fresh fruit and vegetables. Stress leads to damage of skins and results in wrinkles and acne problems. You need 8 hour's of undisturbed sleep each night and a tension free mind. Hormonal imbalance is caused due to tension and stress ensuing pimples, blemishes and wrinkles at early age.

Identify your skin type – dry, oily or combination and then treat your skin gently. Always keep your skin free from dirt and dead cells. Wash your face twice a day with the right cleanser and use mild scrubs. Exfoliation of skin is very important for removal of dirt and to open the pores to avoid clogging. Use warm water and never be harsh with your skin. Always remove cosmetics before sleeping in the night because your skin also needs to breadth. Use a suitable night cream or just dab aloe vera oil/gel. Avoid using highly fragrant soaps on face; you may just use oatmeal and sugar to clean the surface of your skin. Ensure hypoallergenic beauty products and always splash cold water before the application.

It is always better to cover your skin when exposed to sun and pollution. But too of sun block is also not advisable as, it gives Vitamin D that adds sheen to your skin. Male skin is more exposed to dirt and hence, is 15% oilier than female. A little extra care can work wonders for sensitive skin and is great for under eye treatment. Always use toner and astringents (as per skin type) and odor free after-shave lotions. Toner gives your skin a firm look and prevents clogging of pores. Skin breakouts are the results of oil and dirt in our hands. Avoid touching your face with hands and keep your hair off.

Treat immediately if, you have dandruff problems. Dandruff falls on face and breaks into acnes and pimples. Never touch, pinch, scratch or press your facial skin to get rid of acnes or heads (white/black). Always use applicators to wear makeup or other creams. Keep the applicators and brushes clean for simple hygienic reasons. Another tip is, not to share your beauty products with anyone. A smooth skin is the outcome of personal hygiene and little care.

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