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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Begin Connecting and Driving Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook, Being Authentic and Subliminal Messaging to Your Audience and Friends.

This lense is for people wanting to make a Professional Facebook Profile and to be able to drive traffic and targeted leads to your website with Facebook as it grows by over 5 million users each week. Leverage your efforts and begin connecting with like minded individuals and others seeking your services.

Easy to Follow Facebook Instructions.

These are Tips and Tricks I learned using 5 of my friend's accounts to learn which method works the best

When Creating your Facebook page or revising it to reflect what you have learned here begin by being yourself and truly filling out ALL and I mean ALL of the profile information to the best of your abilities. Make sure you select your 1-3 websites you wish to drive traffic to and be sure not to disguise them. These websites should be your personal blog, your hubpages profile, Twitter Profile, YouTube Channel, but NEVER an affiliate link or lead capture page.

In your Profile be sure to include quirky true things about yourself and stray away from making your interests generic. People want to know you for who you are while they are visiting and this may be your first time ever meeting this person.

Keep your Facebook feed clean and clear of any sales pages, business opportunities, or Body by Vi Challenges no matter what your Up-Line or company wants you to do. People are immediately turned off ( I know because I have run tests on different accounts with over 1,000 friends on them and have seen none of my friends ever join these opportunities)

Build your credibility on Facebook immediately by connecting with old friends, classmates, and leaders in your field and begin a conversation with them. Social media is meant to be social and should always be a two-way street of give and take as you should spend more time listening and learning about your friends than telling them about yourself unless they ask you specifically.

Use pictures to illustrate your life each week and to draw people into your life as a picture truly is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million more. I use videos to connect directly with my friends and only send videos to people who have chosen to reach out and make conversation.

Be personable and leave comments with meaning on your friends posts when they are updating their status or they have released a new note. This will add to your credibility and will show others how much you care.

People will only care about you once they know how much you care about them.

Add Value to their lives! If they have a need and you can fill that need easily then do so. Be compassionate and understand that not everyone in the world is as smart or talented as yourself but also be aware there are others who know more than yourself as well. Be Humble but also be assertive.

Facebook is about establishing a place online where your real self can be transmitted online to thousands of others and you want to make sure you give them the most accurate representation of yourself as possible. If you are insecure it will show on Facebook, If you are tough and a top dog it will show on Facebook, You control the content and your image but know that what you do also is recorded forever online and people will hold you to your promises and your claims.

Now that you have the basic Profile set and you are online with your Professional Facebook Profile it is time to engage your target audience that you wish to drive traffic to your website and make some money/influence for your cause.

Begin by joining groups that are associated with your website or cause and read over the topics and discussions that are already taking place. Add some remarks to already established boards and be sure to follow up with them if they are answered by the thread starter or other group members on a regular; I advise weekly or bi-weekly basis.

You will want to use notes to encourage people with your life stories and always be positive. People are attracted to positive people, it is that simple.

Now that you have a understanding of attracting people and being credible what do you do with that website you want to promote? Simple! When people engage you in conversations they will already regard you as a person of credible stature and when they ask for your recommendation you can simply give them your link and they will now have asked you for what you originally had intended to share since the very beginning and they will read and likely enough tip that old school funnel that many online marketers talk about and turn it into a megaphone as they will praise your work because they had been looking for it to begin with.


Brian Fanslau of YouBrandInc

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