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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Professional Eyeshadow Application Tips

Eyes are so much fun. There really are not a lot of rules in applying eyeshadow. I’m going to give you tips to some basic outlines.

First, what we’re going to do is, just like in the face, we‘re going to put a base on the eyelids. We’ve already did the eyebrows by strengthening them.

Professional Eyeshadow Application Tips

On the eyelid, use a cream base that you can get from most make-up line. What we’re going to do is tap it in the lids. Remember to use your middle or ring finger and just rub the base in. Putting a based will make your eyeshadow will stick and you won’t have so many sprinkles that often happen underneath your eyes.

The base will make the color stick and it is crease resistant. It has many other benefits too.

So, you should always start with a little bit of a cream eyeshadow first. I chose one that’s a little yellow golden because it goes with most natural look. But there are other colors that you can get, such as a pink and white. You can even use a blue. You can always use a different a base; use whatever makeup line you feel comfortable with.

Anytime, you’re working with a cream, I would recommend using your fingers. If you use a brush, all the brush hair gets really disgusted with the cream. It’s not a sanitary thing, its jut a big mess. I promise you, use a brush one time and you’ll never use it again with a cream.

So, apply the cream with your fingers because it will give you more control. It won’t mess up your pretty brushes too.

Applying the yellow gold base on the entire lid lightens the person up. Now, with whatever color I use on the eyes, it will stay through. Visit here for more.

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