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Friday, January 7, 2011

The difference between 3d tv and normal lcd?

The new 3D TVs are somewhat different than the 2D TVs that are already out. They have built-in transmitters that will allow the 3D glasses to sync with the picture. Another TV requirement is that it be at least a 120 Hz refresh rate. Not all TVs have that. There are kits that will be coming out that will allow capable older TVs to be able to handle the new 3D, but they are not out yet.

No word on when those will be available.

3D glasses will be around $100-$150 to start and Samsung and Sony have them available now.
Samsung has just come out with the first 3D TVs. You can get info at on cost for all of the equipment.

Other manufacturers will be coming out with their TVs over the next several months. Walmart just announced that they will be selling 3D TVs this coming holiday season.

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