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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Opportunities Never End" 11 Secrets of Bill Gates' Success.

Practically, bill gates Himself was never so much into studies, But his uncommon interest in the Computer Science field ,has Made Him One Of the Richest man Alive On earth and A Great personality. Today when we come to computers ,We remember Him, that’s the impact which speaks For Itself.

He is always Generous and Cooperative in sharing his experiences and Secrets to his success,But here are some of his favourite Tips which he believes If followed Will lead to a Better way and a Successful Life.
Read more To find The Secrests :)

11 Secrets For Success By Bill Gates

People Who Think that they will find some Business and Money tips Please Don’t read This.

1. Life is Not Sympathy, So use It well and Live It well!

2. The World Will Never Respect Your Self Respect, If you Want people To respect You , you have to do something For that.

3.You cannot earn a profile of 40000 directly after your high-school ,neither you can have your OWN mobile , OWN car , or company Vice president Job , till you Get it Yourself !

4. “If You feel That your Teacher Are Like Hitler, Then Do wait For Your BOSS :) ” – Bill Gates
(This is my personal favorite.)

5. Even a Fat Burger is not smaller then Your Reputation or Your excellence, our parents use a different word for that and that is Opportunity!

6.”Always Learn Something Out of Your Mistakes.”

7.”Always Love Your Parents , because they were not so boring untill you were born and after that they pay your bills and take care of you.”

8. “In life We Always Face Ups and Downs , Nobody Expect Defeats ,So always AIM for Success!”

9. “Life is Not Like Semesters, you dont have Summer and winter Holidays here, neither you will always have your friends who know you, Its important To Know Yourself”
(This one is for all Engineers !)

10. “Life is Not like A Television, In Real world We have To leave the coffee Shop and Go to Work!”

11. “Opportunities Never End, Either You get More Or you should Create One!”
(The last But the Greatest)

So friends , if we can Conceive the least from this, i hope we can lead a good life!.

Prashant Rohilla

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