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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why electric iron smoothens your dress?

What is the trick of an electric iron, when heated will turn your crumpled dress smooth?

This is how it works:

There are different kinds of fabric, there a cotton; linen; denim; nylon, etc.

Electric iron is heated to a temperature preferably according to its kind of fabric.
For example, a cotton-made dress after the laundry has dried up it is time now for ironing, you would noticed that the entire dress is 'wrinkled' and now you apply the electric iron unto the dress, and just for a second or two the wrinkles are gone! The magic is that it is some kind of physics, when a matter is cooler the molecules are contracted or closer to each other.

And what will happen if you apply heat to the contracted molecules?

Definitely, as the molecules are heated it will excite and expand, thus making the whole fabric straightened and smoothed.

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