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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Naked Magician Tricks

This will blow your mind. No other magician would have a heart to do this in front of a thousand of eyes! Share it to your friends.

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The Breakdown on How She Did those Tricks:

1. The red cloth disappears from her hands as she quickly waved her arms unto her right pocket at 0:36, watch carefully. This is very quick less than a second.

2. After she removed her office jacket, the red cloth disappeared into her skirt. Watch at 1:12 waving her arms again, very quickly putting the cloth in front of her belly hiding the cloth behind the skirt. The grin on her face from the start is a deception to the audience.

3. At 2:22 her two hands are closed to her face, making a blow through her fists. Guess where the cloth went. Yes, inside her mouth maybe under her tongue. Then at 2:33.5, her left hand pulled her bra away from her breast, while her face nodding down, making a little space to spit out the cloth very very quickly, thus ended up the cloth in her bra.

4. At 3:13 doing the same move like she did in the 2nd trick waving her arms, hiding the cloth in her panties. Note: the background color of the stage, and the choice of underwear color is part of the tricks and the music.

5. At 4:17.5 the cloth went into her mouth again and hid it under her tongue. The cameras, for those watching on screens, are in conspiracy of course.

6. Actually, there were two red cloths. Where did the first cloth hide? It's in her mouth. And the second cloth? It's in her pussy ever since the rehearsal!

Very talented woman, really a magician. Does have a heart naked, totally! Very difficult to master, singing a Celine Dion song is much easier than doing those tricks.

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